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If you are in Newport in Virginia, you have more than likely heard about the police investigating a shooting. This involved in officer and was reported in Newport News at the end of April. This happened at a café on Jefferson Avenue, right around 5 AM. The police were dispatched because they were told that there was a violent situation, one that was occurring inside of the restaurants, and they had heard that there was an armed subject. After the police arrived, there were multiple gunshots heard. Dispatchers made contact with the business. They determine that there were actually hostages being held, and this is how it was actually resolve after the police arrived.

What Was Happening

When the police got there, they determine that all of the doors leading into the building were actually locked. This prevented any of the police officers from entering the building. As a result of this, this was deemed day tactical situation, shortly after 5 AM, and a tactical team was brought in to handle what was happening. Once the team was inside, Jackson actually raised his gun to point it at an officer. As a result of that, Caleb Jackson Junior was shot. He was pronounced dead on the scene, and there was also a second person, the one that had originated the call. They found this person inside who had been shot. This occurred prior to the police actually arriving. He was last listed in stable condition after being taken to a hospital. The police stated that standard protocol was used and therefore the name of the officer was not released yet a standard investigation will occur in order to determine what exactly happens.

What Happened To The Officer

The officer was a 22 year veteran, a policeman that worked for the Newport Police Department. He was actually part of tactical operations for the last few decades, and had been involved in fatal shootings prior to this situation. As a result of that, he was placed on administrative leave until further review. The police force has since released a statement stating that they deeply regret how everything occurred. Lethal force was used, and they apologized to the families of Caleb Jackson Junior, and the attorneys representing the case will be evaluating the situation in order to determine if it was handled in an appropriate manner.