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Things To Do In Newport News, Virginia

Located on the James River, Newport News, Virginia is the fifth largest city in the state. As home to over 180,000 residents, aerospace, military and shipbuilding are the biggest industries in the area. The city is also a big tourist draw because of its diverse cultural landscape.

If you are looking for something to do while on vacation or during a weekend excursion, points of interest military museums, a historic railroad station and several art festivals during various times of the year.

Play A Round Golf And Games

Visitors can play putt putt at one of the different types of miniature golf courses that are located at the facility. Each of these courses have sculptures of animals at various locations. This venue is not only affordable, but it is also kid-friendly and date-friendly.

Lazer ...

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The Latest Newport News Virginia House Right Now

If you are in Newport in Virginia, you have more than likely heard about the police investigating a shooting. This involved in officer and was reported in Newport News at the end of April. This happened at a café on Jefferson Avenue, right around 5 AM. The police were dispatched because they were told that there was a violent situation, one that was occurring inside of the restaurants, and they had heard that there was an armed subject. After the police arrived, there were multiple gunshots heard. Dispatchers made contact with the business. They determine that there were actually hostages being held, and this is how it was actually resolve after the police arrived.

What Was Happening

When the police got there, they determine that all of the doors leading into the building were actually lo...

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