Looking For Apartments In Newport News Virginia?

Are you looking for apartments in newport news virginia? If so, then you’ve chosen quite a wonderful place to live. This city sits in a larger metropolitan area commonly called the Tidewater area. It’s in close proximity to other cities, such as Hampton, Virginia Beach, Suffolk, Norfolk, and Portsmouth. Together, these cities are one large urban area, and actually the largest urban concentration of population in America that does not yet have a major league sports team among the NFL, NHL, MLB, or NBA. Still, there are minor league teams and several colleges and universities providing athletic action if you’re into that.

Given the fact that this region is comprised of multiple cities, there’s quite a few different companies and industries to work in. The cities are each a center of commerce, but of course shipping is big in this port region. There’s also a hefty amount of economic activity surrounding the naval base and the tourist industry here too. Virginia Beach in particular has great beaches and hotels that draw in many vacationers from out of town. The cities actually share a mass transit system of busing on both sides of the river, so getting around is easy enough. That makes it particularly ideal to look for apartments in Newport News Virginia, since you’re only a short commute from the other cities and all the employment possibilities.

Banks of North Carolina

If you’re just looking to come here to spend time and enjoy life, that’s certainly possible too. In addition to the great beaches, there’s plenty of seafood eating to experience. Several museums provide great education and entertainment at the same time. Historic Jamestown and Williamsburg are not far away, and a World War II battleship is docked on the coast for touring. Busch Gardens is also just a short drive up the peninsula.

If you just want to check out the region and use this place as a base of operations for short trips around the area, it’s a great place to do it. The Outer Banks of North Carolina are only a few hours south, and the capital of the nation with all its sites and history are a few hours northwest. New York City is less than six hours north when driving up the Delmarva peninsula, and the romantic charm of Virginia’s Blue Ridge mountains are only hours to the direct east with their gently rolling hills and inclines.

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